I began taking violin lessons at the age 5.  At first it was not my favorite thing to do, since practicing was challenging and time consuming. With the perseverance of my mother I continued taking lessons.  Now 12 and 1/2 years later,  playing the violin has become a passion and a ministry.  I am thankful to God who has provided opportunities for me to play for His honor and glory.  Whether in campmeetings, churches, weddings and soon in the General Conference Session, I am excited to see what God has done.
My mission is to be a blessing to those who listen to my music. I would like to reach many people for His Kingdom. To inspire a closer and better relationship with our Creator. As you listen to inspiring hymns on the violin that you may come closer to the Throne of God.
The vision that I have for the ministry is that of growing to where it can help others. Not only helping others to have a closer walk with Jesus, but also to go and provide the simple neccesities for those in need.  I know that God will give me opportunities to serve Him in the close as well as the far lands.


Music is available in Cd form, or it can also be heard on Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Google Play, or Downloaded on our website.

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